Previously:  While the Coronado Expedition was at Zuni in the summer of 1540, Pedro de Tovar made the first European contact with the Hopi.  Garcia Lopez de Cardenas became the first European to see the Grand Canyon.  The Hopi were no happier to see the Spaniards than the Zuni had been.


By October the expedition moved east toward native pueblos along the Rio Grande -- a province the Spaniards called Tiguex (tee-wish).  Coronado’s men again asserted their dominion over the natives, and Cardenas became notorious for brutal, murderous retaliation against any resistance.  Anger and frustration were rising among the Spaniards who had expected by this time to be dripping in gold and jewels.  Fray Marcos, whose fantasies sparked the expedition, was sent back to Mexico in disgrace.  The next man who promised to lead Coronado to cities of gold would be dealt with more harshly.

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